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D3MediaLib is an easy to use media library for Diablo 3 .NET developers.

Its primary purpose is to quickly access offline media for Diablo 3.

I decided to write and compile all the media into one source so developers can easily access media without having to retrieve it from

D3MediaLib includes:

  • All Items (including follower items)
  • All Skills, Passive and Active (including follower skills)
  • All Runes, Type: {a,b,c,d,e,none}
  • All Consumables (health potions)
  • All Crafting Materials
  • All Dyes 
  • All Gems {amethyst,emerald,ruby,topaz}
  • All Portraits {classes{male,female},followers,artisans}
  • Media Lookup integration. Allows access to specific sets of icons. Documentation Here
    • I'm looking into re-working this so that all media has an enumerable type
    • Also, adding other enumerated types
      • Getting specific media will be like a "search" - All you have to do is pass the enumerated types as args and it will return the media that meets the criteria
    • This will allow much more flexibility in retrieving really specific sets of media
    • For example, let's say you want to retrieve all weapons that are one handed that a barbarian can use. 

D3MediaLib Usage:

You can access all media via the static member Get[string icon]



Or, if you're accessing an item and want to draw the quality background, simply use this:

MediaLib.Get["ICON", ItemQuality];

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